So this month we noticed a funny growth on Isaac’s knee. I thought it was a scab at first and just figured he skinned his knee, not an uncommon thing for a boy his age. Two weeks later I noticed it was still there and a different size. So I begin to examine it and see that it isn’t black like a scab, but red and it has regularly spaced black dots in it and some black lines too. It looks like a funny beetle has taken residence under his skin or something. So we have Dr. Murdock look at it (grandpa), and he says to go visit a dermatologist because he doesn’t know what it is. We all have gruesome visions of skin cancer, or leprosy, and our little boy dying young because of it all at this point.

So I make an appointment and we get this great guy at the dermatology office who sees Isaac. His name was Corey and he was a PA, not a doctor, and he was totally wonderful with Isaac and the other boys I had in tow. And he knew his skin problems. He examined the spot for a bit and said, “well, it looks like a wart.” He gave us a list of things we could do like ignore it (and he might get more) or remove it with a zillion different options for that. I said remove it. I asked what the fastest remedy was and he said freezing it. So he went to get the liquid nitrogen and came back and Isaac freaked out. It was this little bottle with a nozzle and it was shiny and he just plain didn’t like it. he actually said “ I like my wart! Leave it alone!” So we decided to ask him what he wanted. The doctor suggested putting “beetlejuice” on it and then it would go away on it’s own (the beetlejuice really was something derived from a beetle). So Isaac liked that idea better. So now the beetle-look-alike wart is happily being eaten away by beetlejuice and we have our nightmares of skin cancer laid to rest.

The next news to blog about is that we had our Tri-ward Pinewood Derby tonight. I am cub committee chair and we did not have a Cubmaster who would be in town anytime soon and I was dreading the whole thought of doing it all by myself. I am so glad the other wards asked if we would like to join in. Wow, it was great and I had hardly anything to do for it! For the first time in years, I actually enjoyed something that I had to help out with. For the year that I was activities committee as the chairperson, I had a miserable time worrying about all the details and never enjoyed the parties I threw. This time was different. Oh what a blessing it was to tag along on the other 2 wards’ shirt-tails and just enjoy myself at the event. We had 44 boys total racing and they set up one of those tracks that has the lazer that hooks up to a computer and records who won and what the times were and everything. It was cool. Our whole family went and enjoyed ourselves until it was bedtime and we left to put the little tikes to bed. I came back to watch the end at almost 9 (an hour after I left and they had just started racing when we skipped out) and was amazed that they actually were done and everyone had cleaned up and most people were gone. I thought it would take forever to get all those 44 boys raced 8 times. Wow, the miracles that computers can make possible. What a cool track set up!