Today we had a fancy lunch- PB&J; sandwiches with Cheetos. Fit for a lunch with the president. Not really. I am just posting this President’s Day weekend because Reece held up a Cheeto and quite proudly named it Barack Obama. Then he ate it. “He just ate our President!” Isaac proclaimed. Then Reece held up another and did the same. It was quite funny. I didn’t know he was up on the news that we have a new president. And it was so amazing how well he pronounced that name as opposed to other names we use so often such as Higick (Isaac), Deewego (Diego as in Dora’s cousin), Iwee (Ily- though he shouldn’t be calling me this), and Jingle Butt.


Julie February 16, 2009 at 12:13 a.m.

That is soooo funny!