I got a late birthday present, but it’s one of the most thoughtful and touching gifts I’ve ever received. Nolan gave me a domain name for this website this week. Yes, you can forget that old whatever.homelinux.blahblah stuff that you used to have to type to get to here. Now it is simply, How cool is that? Thanks Nolan!

I’ll keep the old free name that we’ve been using for a little while longer, but please start using, it’s just so much classier. If you mess up and type instead, it looks like you end up at the website of a nice Murdock family with three young boys and lots of pictures on their website, but that’s not us. Close though!

Oh, and while I’m updating you on the website, I also added more highlighted entries on the right-hand side there. It only shows links for 5 at a time, but it randomly picks those 5 from a larger list each time. Cool, eh?


Vernon February 6, 2008 at 10:03 p.m.

Nolan gave you the wrong domain name. It should have been Or to go with Brian the Murdock, Ily the Murdock and Boys the Murdock.

Very thoughtful gift, Nolan.

Bryan February 6, 2008 at 11:53 p.m.

xvern! I've been lurking on your blog with no way to comment and say hi, so I'm glad to see you here.

I totally thought about that already (and I could hear Gretchen saying "Bryan the Murdock" even), and concluded that he realy just needed to leave off "family" so we could do sub-domains.,, etc.

Too bad we didn't think of that sooner, Nolan. :-)