My friend Heather and I took our boys to the zoo yesterday and it was just glorious and fun. The weather was so perfect! The zoo wasn’t too crowded. The boys were even enjoying the moment rather than asking when they could go home and play video games. Micah wandered around singing animal songs and when we got to the crocodile he kept talking about how “Crocodiles eat monkeys.” We sing this little rhyme that goes

Five little monkeys swinging in a tree, teasing Mr. Alligator “Can’t catch me no you can’t catch me!” Along come Mr. alligator quiet as can be and SNAPS that monkey right out of that tree!”

He was very into the song yesterday and applying it to real life.

We even had our own five little monkeys with us because the boys were climbing on everything. It was great fun to let them run around the zoo and everyone came home happy. I love days like that in the Northwest. It seems like you get lots of gray days here and it really just makes you appreciate the sunny ones all the more. And yes, we have stayed home for Spring Break and are just loving the time vacationing here. We stayed home so we don’t get rain. If we left like we have previously, we would get lots of rain wherever we went to visit. Go figure.