To get out of the heat on the 4th of July we took a day trip up into the Uintah Mountains. It is so pretty up there, I think it’s my favorite place in Utah. We drove through Kamas and onto the Mirror Lake highway. We stopped at the falls on the Provo River and then went on to Mirror Lake. We had a nice hike around Mirror Lake, which Davis did on his own almost the entire way. I later looked it up and we went 2 miles. He must have done about a mile a three quarters. It was all because Ily got a bunch of trekking poles (like ski poles, but they are walking sticks for hiking, and they telescope into whatever height you need) from Costco and the kids all had one to hike with, even Davis. He loved that pole and didn’t want to get in the mei tai and give it up. We finally had to just pick him up nad make him take the ride on Ily’s back because we could tell he was getting tired, and sure enough he fell asleep in about 30 seconds. Fun day.

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July 13, 2012