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I want to sew again!

Because Reece was sick those few weeks back, I had to hang around the house too much. That just means that I get ancy and find some big project to do. The crazy involved project I chose this time was gonna be that I paint my bedroom, but I decided that was too much furniture to move and since I didn’t already have paint for it, I moved on to the sewing room instead. I had an extra gallon of the office paint and new it would be enough for the sewing room. Plus there is less furniture in that room to move. Bonus.

Small details include that I hate the ceiling in my office because it looks gray and ruins the look of the pretty wall color. Plus it has a flat finish (traditional for ceilings) on it but that finish sucks in the light and makes the room seem really dark even though it has a really great light fixture and good lightbulbs. So I went and bought a different paint for the ceiling in the sewing room to see if it made a difference. Wow, it looks TONS better! I bought an eggshell finish (reflects more light) of a brighter shade of white and I just love it. The room is so bright and cheerful- just what I need here in the Great Northwest. Can you guess who will be repainting the ceiling in her office soon?

So now that my sewing room is all cheerful, I just want to hang out in there forever sewing! It is amazing how a fresh coat of paint just really makes a room the place you want to be! This room only has a few pieces of furniture and has no use other than being a place to collect piles and do crafts in, but now I just want to be in there all the time. I have already been excited to make some things and I am just brewing in my head what next I can do. All so I can hang out in that room!

So these pictures of the sewing room aren’t stellar, but you get the idea of the color and the layout. Also notice how neat the room is right now… I doubt it will ever be that neat again!

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Bridal Veil Falls, Oregon

Not as large or impressive as Bridal Veil Falls in Utah, but still worth a visit on a sunny day in the northwest:

When the prediction for rain proved wrong yesterday, we quickly loaded up the van and headed up the gorge to explore yet another waterfall. Bridal Veil Falls was one of the smallest we’ve seen, but still very pretty. The viewing platform was pretty small and being an easier hike than many other waterfalls in the gorge, it was very crowded. We were busy just hanging onto the kids in the crowd, and that’s my excuse for not having a picture of the actual falls themselves.

We also saw a little snake along the trail and enjoyed looking out over the edge of the sheer 100 foot cliffs down onto the Mighty Columbia. Don’t worry, there was a fence.

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The New Ride

Click to see the pictures of the new van.

Tabblo: The New Ride

Here’s the new van.  The color is Silver Pine.  You can see the middle row of three luxurious seats.  It’s a very comfy ride.  We will return it to the dealer to have the seats upgraded to leather in a week so that they will be stomach-flu proof.
... See my Tabblo>

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We finally bought a new van. Wow, we did it. Details to follow.

Any one wanna buy our old one? It has a new tranny, new front and rear brakes, new tires, new starter, new trim on the interior passenger side sliding door…

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Cowboy Micah and his little partner Reece visit the farm

This week in preschool we are studying farms and farm animals. The mom teaching decided that going to a real farm for a farm tour would be a great thing to do so we rallied our little troops and took them out on a field trip.

We went to a local farm here in Vancouver called Bi-Zi farm and it was quite fun. Sorry, no pictures, the battery was too low on the camera. We got to go on a hay ride, pet some animals, feed some goats, plant a strawberry plant, and get dirty. What could be better? (Pictures to document the fun maybe?)

Micah decided he had to go as a cowboy. This means he wears his cowboy clothes which include: an authentic red cowboy snap-up shirt given to us by the great grandparents, an actual really nice cowboy hat given to us by the same great grandparents, jeans, cowboy boots, and don’t forget the mustache. All cowboys have a handlebar mustache according to Micah. He was so happy to be a cowboy today.

Reece was so happy to be attacking chickens today. He chased them. He tried to squeeze baby ones. He wanted to pet them all and crawl in the little pens with them. Many a little chick almost lost his life today. He was excited about it, I must say. He was happy to have come. I am happy we didn’t have any chick tragedies!

It was a fun day. It makes me want to have a farm. Almost. Hmmm. Not quite. Too much work. Maybe I will just visit every time I can instead!

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THE Quilt is Back!

For our wedding almost 9 years ago my mother made the most amazing quilt. Friends and family who came to celebrate with us signed quilt blocks and my mom arranged them and pieced it all together in a really cool work of art. She had it professionally quilted and it is fabulous if I do say so myself.

I had it hanging on our wall in our various apartments and then our home. I had nailed it to a board and hung the board up on a single screw we put in the wall. Now any quilt maker would gasp horribly at this, maybe cry, and yell at me for not preserving this art work better. The acid in wood actually deteriorates the fabric and wood slowly cause the demise of my lovely quilt. Also, PIERCING the quilt with nails?!!! How naive and stupid of me! So when I finally painted the wall behind where the quilt was hanging, I took it down, pried it carefully off the board that was holding it up, and began the process of thinking up a better way to display it, without ruining it.

We sewed a sleeve onto the back of the quilt so that we could slide the board through the sleeve, thereby avoiding the situation where I had put nails through the quilt to get it onto the board. We also wrapped the 6 ft board in a fabric so that the quilt would not come in direct contact with the unfinished wood that originally held it up. It was at this point that I realized we needed to borrow the ladder from neighbors again to rehang the quilt. That was too much effort to go get the ladder again… So it has been off the wall for nearly three years because of our laziness.

Last week I finally painted my sewing room (yay! only one more room to go in this house and it will be fully repainted from the original paint job from 14 years ago when the house was built!). As I was putting stuff back in the room, I found the quilt rolled up. Rather than just stick it back in a corner of my sewing room again, I decided it had to go back on the wall. In walk the engineering sides of Bryan and Ily… long story made, short, we brainstormed, we came up with detailed plans, we strained Bryan’s long arms a bit, and we got it back on the wall without even a ladder.

Wow. It feels good to have it back up. And that big, huge, enormous blank wall looks better too!

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Graduation Ceremony

We only managed to take four pictures at Julie’s actual graduation ceremony, so if you have any others let us know! Julie looks great and it brought back some good memories for me. Almost made me want to graduate again some time myself. Almost. ;-)

Tabblo: Julie Graduated

The few photos that we remembered to take after Julie’s graduation.  I like the cell phone one because those things make it so much easier to find each other in the big crowds.  You could see just about every graduate at some point talking on their cell phone, staring off into the crowd, and then waving excitedly as they made their connection.  Essential graduation gear:  cap, gown, tassel, and cell phone. ... See my Tabblo>

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Discovery Gateway

Another fun activity while we were in Utah was at the Discovery Gateway children’s museum in Salt Lake City. We had time on Thursday morning before Julie’s graduation ceremony so Grandpa Murdock, Ily, Melinda, and I took Isaac, Micah, Reece, and Jason there to hang out. The boys enjoyed themselves and I was able to snap a few pictures of them:

Tabblo: Discovery Gateway

Discovery Gateway is the Children’s Museum in Salt Lake City and it is fabulous.  Lots of stuff to explore, discover, and play with.  We found our way to Sesame Street, we played in the Beehive. got obsessed with the tinker tracks, pretend flew a real helicopter, and lots of other stuff.  It was a great way to spend the morning before Julie’s graduation ceremonies started,  ... See my Tabblo>

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Ensign Peak Hike

Now that our stomachs have all settled (well, Reece isn’t totally settled yet, but he’s doing much better), I’m going to start posting pictures of the more enjoyable parts of our trip. The first are these pictures:

Tabblo: Hiking Ensign Peak

Isaac was excited to hike something in Utah, so we hiked Ensign Peak.  Ily, Isaac, Grandpa Coates, Grandpa Murdock, and Bryan all summited. ... See my Tabblo>

Isaac vividly remembers hiking the Y when we were in Utah for Melinda’s graduation and he was begging us to be able to do it again as soon as we got there. We decided to do a warm-up hike up Ensign Peak on Wednesday afternoon, since it’s right there next to Grandma and Grandpa Coates’ house. Ily, Isaac, Grandpa Coates, Grandpa Murdock and I set out and reached the summit. It’s a nice little hike and it was a beautiful sunny day. The view up there was amazing, and it’s always fun to try and imagine what it looked like for Brigham Young and his crew when they first hiked up there and waved their bandannas.

Isaac stayed with us on the way up, but on the way down he just couldn’t wait for us slow pokes. As he ranged ahead he noticed a fork in the trail and he shouted back to Grandpa Murdock (the only person in range) asking if he could go that way. “No,” Grandpa replied, “you’d get lost.”

“It’s OK if I get lost.” Isaac replied, “I’ve watched Man Vs. Wild!”

You know, there probably are some good bugs to eat and a cave or two to sleep in up in those foothills.

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No end in sight yet

So I thought we were doing better, but Reece still keeps getting sick around 4 every day. Too bad we can’t skip that time of the day. I took him to the doctor today because 5 days is a long time for diarrhea and vomiting, but the doctor sent me home with the reassuring words of “you are doing your best and he isn’t dehydrated yet.” Too bad he can’t give us some sort of anti-nausea, or put me to sleep until it is all over.

So I still am exhausted but we are plodding along. I did have enough brain power left tonight to almost make dinner. I did think of something (thanks to Isaac) and had the oven preheating for fish sticks when Reece threw up and I had to abandon my efforts for dinner to instead clean up the mess. Poor kid. He still had an appetite for fish sticks after wards. He is amazing for a sick kid.

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